• Price includes international shipment via registered air mail.
  • Packages are shipped from Poland, EU.
  • Delivery time (in most cases): 1 week (EU), 1-2 weeks (rest of the world).
  • You order will be shipped within 1-2 days. In case of any delays you will be notified by email.
  • When shipping outside of EU, you are responsible for any customs charges (although not likely to happen).


  • Tracking number (RRxxxxxxxxxPL) will be provided via email (or via PayPal).
  • Polish Post - Tracking site. (most accurate until package leaves Poland).
  • Once the package arrives to its country of destination, your national postal service should be able to provide more detailed data (USPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail, etc.). Use provided tracking number.
  • Tracking may not be available for some countries.

Other options:

  • VAT exemption (EU only, please provide your company data, including valid VAT-EU number)
  • need larger quantity?
  • need faster delivery? (within EU: +10,00 EUR; outside of EU: + ~40,00 USD)
  • other payment method? (SEPA bank transfer)

Please send an email to: including desired quantity, preferred delivery and payment methods.

Important: make sure that your PayPal shipping address is up to date!

Below you can choose between USD and EUR currency options

Bluetooth 5.2 version (34,99 EUR):


Bluetooth 5.2 version (37,99 USD):


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