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InputStick is an Android-compatible USB receiver. It allows your smartphone to become wireless keyboard, mouse, multimedia and game controller. Android applications can use InputStick to remotely control your PC: type, move mouse, etc. You can use InputStick to remotely control your PC: USB Remote, type passwords: KP2A plugin or use it in your application: InputStick API

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InputStick is detected as a generic USB keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth link is used to communicate with smartphone. See How does it work? and FAQ for details.

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InputStick is compatible with wide range of hardware and operating systems, see: Compatibility for details.

InputStick is extremely easy to use, (see: Getting started): plug it into USB port and in a few seconds it's ready to go. You don't have to install any server software, custom drivers, configure network or root your phone. See: Why InputStick?

Last but not least, InputStick is very portable: you can easily carry it in your pocket or attach to a keyring. You can also use multiple InputStick devices: one at home and one at the office, or use separate one for each device (PC, laptop, console).



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