InputStick requires Android (2.3 or higher) or iOS (iPhone 4S or later) device. There is no need to root your device or install custom ROMs or perform "Jailbreak" (you won't risk loosing warranty). InputStick has been tested with smartphones form leading manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC).

InputStick is a standard USB 2.0 full speed device. It will work with any USB host that supports USB HID devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Compatible hardware:

  • PCs: Windows, Linux, OSX, any other USB-enabled OS,
  • Game consoles: Xbox360 (keyboard), PS3 (keyboard, mouse, HID gamepad),
  • Embedded systems*: Raspberry Pi, etc,
  • Android*: TV Sticks, smartphones, tablets.
  • Any other USB-enabled hardware.

* USB port must supply at least 100mW power.

More details:

Platform Keyboard Mouse Gamepad
PC, Windows Yes Yes Yes
PC, Linux Yes Yes Yes
PC, OSX Yes1 Yes Yes2
iOS, iPhone 4s Yes3 No No
Android Yes Yes Yes
Raspberry Pi Yes Yes ???
PS3 Yes4 Yes4 Yes5
Xbox360 Yes6 No No


1 - it is necessary to go through keyboard layout setup (press key next to Shift key).

2 - Overdrive application may be necessary.

3 - using Camera Connection Kit. iOS will display message that the device is not supported, however keyboard interface works.

4 - works in menu and built-in browser, not supported by games.

5 - behaves the same way as generic HID gamepad. Supported only by some titles (example: Dirt). InputStick IS NOT recognized as a PS3 controller!

6 - dashboard only, not supported by games.


Gamepad - gamepad interface is a generic 16 button, 4 axes HID gamepad. You may not get the same functionality as with other gamepads.

Multimedia keys - behavior depends on many factors: hardware, OS, application. Example: result of increasing volume level by 1 step will depend on OS: 1% increase (100 volume levels) or 10% increase (10 volume levels).

Power control - behavior depends on software and hardware configuration, for example: depending on whether BIOS allows resuming via USB.



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