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Will InputStick work with my PC/smart TV/console/...any other USB host?

Do I have to install any software/drivers on my PC? Is any configuration required?

Does it work in BIOS, safemode, etc.?

I use very specific desktop software, will InputStick support it?

Can I use both InputStick and my physical keyboard/mouse at the same time?

Can I use InputStick with PS/2 adapter?

What if my system allows to use only certain keyboard models.

Is my language/keyboard layout supported?

Can I use my PC to send data to InputStick?


BT2.1 vs BT4.0 version

Why do I have to manually set keyboard layout?

InputStick should cost less

Can I just use USB cable or USB BT dongle instead?

Can I use InputStick simultaneously with BT headset etc.?


Android N (7.0) issues

Android M (6.0) reboots when connecting [Samsung]

It takes a long time before device is ready to use. [Windows]

InputStick is not recognized by my USB host.

InputStick is not discovered by my device/won't connect. [Android]

Firmware update was interrupted. What now?


Can someone intercept keys being typed with InputStick?

Can someone use InputStick to access my PC?

How to enable encryption/password protection?

Device is locked - what does this mean?

What if I forget my InputStick password?

How can I change/restore Bluetooth pairing PIN?

Will InputStick protect me against keyloggers?

Does InputStick store any data(like typed text)?


Is root/jailbreak required?

Can I use more than one InputStick with my Android/iOS device?

Can I use InputStick with several Android/iOS deices?


Why is InputStickUtility required?

InputStickUtility - security concerns

Can I use InputStick in my own app?

Are InputStick apps free? Are there any ads?

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