Why InputStick?

InputStick is a hardware based solution and because of that:

  • It is almost as easy to use as any generic USB HID input device (keyboard, mouse, etc.).
  • Plug and Play: ready to go in just a few seconds.
  • No server software or drivers are required (works with generic HID drivers).
  • Works without WiFi/3G connectivity.
  • InputStick is compatible with any USB host (see Compatibility for more details).

 In case of software-only based solutions, there are several conditions that have to be met, before you can use your smartphone as a remote input device:

  • Connectivity (WiFi/3G).
  • Server application must be available for remote device.
  • Time to setup and configure server application and network.
  • Knowledge and skills to install and configure server application and remote device.
  • Some applications require rooting your device.

There are many things that can go wrong:

  • No WiFi/you don't know password.
  • You are not allowed to install software/configure remote device.
  • No administrative rights to install software on remote device.
  • No server application compatible with remote device.
  • No time to setup server application.
  • You simply don't know how to setup remote device.
  • You don't want to root your device (loosing warranty or security reasons)

With InputStick, you just plug it into USB port, just like a real device (USB keyboard etc). Most USB enabled operating systems already provide drivers for basic input device, so you don't have to install software or drivers. And it takes just a few seconds, before you are ready to use your application! Also, no root/jailbreak is required, all InputStick apps works on stock Android (2.3 and later) or iOS (iPhone 4S or later).


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