When do I need InputStick?

  • you want to remotely control PC but you don't have admin privileges or are not allowed to install remote control software
  • you often work with different PCs and there is no time to setup remote control software each time
  • you want to remotely control hardware other than PC

InputStick vs other solutions:

Software-only solutions:
There are Android & iOS apps that can remotely control PCs using client software installed on a PC.


  • lower price or even free
  • no physical hardware


  • limited compatibility: PC only, won't work in BIOS
  • more complex and time consuming setup process: install software, configure network
  • requires admin rights

Generic USB Bluetooth adapters or built-in Bluetooth:

InputStick and Bluetooth adapters may seem like a very similar devices, but there are very significant differences in used Bluetooth and USB interfaces. Bluetooth HID is not as compatible and easy to use as USB HID.


  • lower price or even free


  • smartphone apps can't send Bluetooth HID data. In case of Android this is only posible if you have root access
  • HID over Bluetooth requires different USB drivers: this is not a problem in case of modern operating systems, but it won't be supported in BIOS or by other USB hosts
  • requires additional configuration (pairing PC with smartphone)
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